Join us for an afternoon pitstop at the popular new “oasis along the LA River,” aka, The Frog Spot.

Located in the heart of Frog Town along the Elysian Valley bike path, the Frog Spot is the brand new community and education hub for the Friends of the LA River (FoLAR). The popular spot serves as a gateway to the LA River, offering both a community gathering space and a launching pad for excursions into the river, whether by bike, foot or kayak. And the best part, according to FOLAR, it that it provides a unique opportunity for ecology and education to meet community and recreation.

We’ll hear from FoLAR co-founder Lewis MacAdams and Frog Spot General Manager Laura Kelly to learn more about this popular spot, which popped up this summer and has since hosted everything from poetry readings and yoga classes to musical performances and educational sessions about the river’s history and ecology. Afterward, we’re welcome to stay for the performances by I See Hawks in L.A., Cashew and Cleary Rated X that start at 5:00 pm

Our Speakers

Lewis MacAdams is a cofounder of Friends of The Los Angeles River (FoLAR) established in 1985 (and has served as Chair on their Board of Directors). FoLAR has been characterized by MacAdams as a “40 year art work” to bring the Los Angeles River back to life. In the years since, he has become the River’s most important and influential advocate. Among FoLAR’s many projects are an annual river clean-up, the “Gran Limpieza,” which brings 2500 people down to the river to clean up every Spring; and an on-going series of conferences and planning workshops dealing with every aspect of the river. Two of its current major goals are to create a Los Angeles River Conservancy to oversee restoration of the river, and a River Watch program to improve the River’s water quality and target polluters.

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