You’ve likely spotted it as you’ve sailed by it on a nearby freeway, or perhaps you caught a glimpse in the distance during a hike on an adjacent hill: Occidental College’s Solar Array is one of the largest ground-mounted arrays in L.A. The 4886 panels will provide an estimated 11% of the power on campus and could save the school as much as $250,000 a year. We’ll be getting a tour of the array with Kara Bartelt of Lettuce Office, who will demonstrate how her firm worked with the school to create the curving design of the panels based on a mathematical formula, resulting in a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing installation that’s more akin to public art.

Meet at the Hameetman Science Center (Building #39) in the lobby by the pendulum.

Parking: You can park on Campus Road by the Science Center or you can park in the Upper Campus Parking Lot (#19) where it’s about a five-minute walk to the Science Center, but you’ll be parked closer to the array for when the tour is finished. To park in this lot, you’ll want to enter on Ridgeview Avenue, take a left on Gilman Road and a right on AG Coons. For reference, view and download a campus map.

What to wear: The hillside is steep, rocky and sunny (obviously!), please wear sturdy shoes that are good for hiking and bring a hat or sunscreen if you’re worried about exposure. Our apologies, this tour is not good for people who have limited mobility.