Join us for a tour of Blackbirds with architect Barbara Bestor (Bestor Architecture) and developer Casey Lynch (LocalConstruct) to get a peek at what makes this sleek modern housing project so special.  Originally lauded as LA’s best example of stealth density, the project sets a precedent for medium density urban infill development and what can be built under the small lot ordinance.  With Los Angeles facing an acute housing shortage, further infill development in single-family neighborhoods could potentially provide more housing stock and result in more affordable home prices.  Of course, we’re a long way from that happening yet as Los Angeles continues to be one of the least affordable housing markets in the country.



Designed as a micro-neighborhood, the little black houses are arranged around a communal space.  Some of the units have garages, but most new Blackbirds residents will forego the traditional garage in place of open air spaces in the heavily landscaped woonerf. This encourages neighborly interaction and gives space that would otherwise have been dedicated to parking back to the residents for recreation.  Each unit also boasts private outdoor space.  Ranging in size from 1,300sf to 1,900sf, Blackbirds homes are deceivingly spacious but quite modest in comparison to typical new residential construction.

Take a tour with the architect and the developer and stay a while for happy hour.

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This is the first event in our series Making LA: Connect, Flourish, Thrive, Prosper. Following up on our 2014 Making LA conference, these events will look at issues in the areas of TransportationWaterDensity and Community with the goal of bringing designer- and artist-driven solutions to those issues to life. In this way, we hope to turn the original Making LA conference into a long-term call-to-action and turn in-person inspiration into four real-world solutions for the city. Making LA is made possible by support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Want to sponsor an upcoming event? Learn more.