This month, please join us on for a special screening of High-Energy Double Channel videos by Cal Artians, hosted at Ball-Nogues Studio in Downtown LA during Art Walk. Organized and curated by Cal Arts educator and artist Nancy Buchanan, the special screening will feature work by Cal Artians Megyn Cawley, Kaylan George, Jacob Jones, Steven Klems, Pele Kudren, Alex Lorge, Sarah Manuwal, Natasha Mendonca, Asher Price, Jemes Raymond, William Sabiston, Kim Strouse, and Alice Wang, who will each present a total of 4-minutes of video. Nancy’s own work, which examines social and political issues, particularly themes of power and personal place, will also be featured.

Since their move to downtown LA, Ball-Nogues Studio has become both design lab and gallery. Each month during Art Walk, they open their space to the public to showcase the work of creative friends and peers engaged in their own creative explorations. de LaB hopes to collaborate with Ball-Nogues on something special very soon. For now, we hope you can join us for this visual adventure! No RSVP necessary.