On Saturday—despite the heat or because of it—intrepid de LaB-bers ventured to the South LA Wetlands Park to experience and discuss “Mast,” an inaugural temporary public art installation for Current: LA. Working with the theme of water as part of the first-ever, citywide public art biennial sponsored by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, designers Daveed Kapoor and Josh Callaghan were inspired by the long-running drought in Southern California and created a looming Colonial-era sailing mast. The designers walked us through the installation which serves as both commentary on the lack of shade in LA, and the ongoing occupation of its water.

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This is the fifth event in our series Making LA: Connect, Flourish, Thrive, Prosper. Following up on our 2014 Making LA conference, these events will look at issues in the areas of Transportation, WaterDensity and Community with the goal of bringing designer- and artist-driven solutions to those issues to life. In this way, we hope to turn the original Making LA conference into a long-term call-to-action and turn in-person inspiration into four real-world solutions for the city. Making LA is made possible by support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Want to sponsor an upcoming event? Learn more.