Last month, we were lucky enough to get a peek at DABSMYLA’s Before and Further show at Modernica.   Artists and husband and wife duo DABSMYLA gave de LaB a look behind the scenes at the reality of mounting an installation of this scale, blending art and design to create an eye-popping 4,000-sf experience where every last detail was touched by their hands.

-Lt7Z3aSIZ-zCYJlNBl8HWsPjfk1XCoHngaSO4m2tP0The artists literally lived for this installation, spending their entire summer painting at Modernica, running home only to nap and dream about the installation.  For over two sweltering months, DABSMYLA painted every surface of this 1930s structure on the property of Modernica’s factory, transforming it into a testament to their love for each other and their shared artistry.  Small pieces and prints from the installation (as well as a few limited edition Modernica chairs) are still available at the Work in Progress show, curated by Roger Gastman and Doug Davis, until December 27.

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Instagram blew up this past weekend with colorful shots of Australian artists’ DABSMYLA latest and most ambitious installation.  The darling duo won recent acclaim for their design of the MTV Movie Awards set, brand and more and have developed a cult following over the years.  For Before and Further, the pair has partnered with well-known LA-based manufacturer of midcentury modern furnishings Modernica to create a house that is literally a hyper-exuberant homage to their professional and personal lives together set against the unlikely background of the industrial badlands of Vernon.

The artists spent the last two sweltering months transforming the interior and exterior of a 4,000 sf stand-along Spanish Revival building on the Modernica factory property with their newest paintings, sculptures, installations, and exclusive furnishings from limited-edition fiberglass shell chairs and hand painted ceramics to custom-built lighting installations.  Everything was designed and created exclusively for their collaboration with Modernica, utilizing the factory’s extensive technical capabilities. Read more about the installation in LA Weekly, Vice’s Creators Project, and the LA Times.


Since moving from Australia to Los Angeles in 2009, DABSMYLA have been pushed their creative boundaries in vivid and bold new directions. Inspired by Modernism and the contemporary artists of the post-war period, DABSMYLA incorporate many mid-century elements with their illustration and pictorial narratives. This exhibition closes their already very busy year, which includes an enormous private showcase in New York City and having painted numerous murals worldwide.


Don’t miss this unique chance to experience the installation and tour the house with the artists themselves.  In addition to original artwork, limited edition Modernica pieces are also available onsite or online here.