This month, we head to Pico Union’s brand new Fix Gallery for drinks and high jinx beneath a giant, die-cut paper canopy designed by the artful (if not sliced) hands of paper experimentalists. Join us for the opening of FatFringe at the Fix, a collaborative project that explores large scale, high volume paper cutting.

Fat Fringe is a die-cut paper canopy created through slicing, punching, and folding. Paper enthusiasts have spent the past three weekends transforming sheets of paper into all species of beautiful 3D forms, a polyvalent homage to the fringe. The installation was developed through a series of workshops led by designers Lisa Little and Emily White of Layer and organized by Materials & Applications.

For those who want to add their own designs to the Fat Fringe, there is one more public workshop this weekend at the Fix project space.

Otherwise, just join us for the party!