On the Saturday before Halloween, 60 de LaBbers found the 6,000 foot semi-hidden studio of printmakers NOMAD studio, run by Damon Robinson in Frogtown.

Fueled by copious amounts of Halloween candy, we gathered in the workshop to learn about the process of printmaking and silkscreens, with step by step instructions and a tour through the darkroom. Robinson and his family had already prepared over 60 vintage album covers by painting them in various colors, leaving the design below barely visible.

One by one, every attendee was able to make their own Halloween-themed silkscreen print, choosing between a skull, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and a Mexican wrestling mask. After pulling the paint through the silkscreen, the prints went under the heat to quick-dry and voila! A handmade, completely unique print. Towards the end of the afternoon, de LaBbers got creative, adding prints to the records themselves, to paper, and to even more albums.

Big thanks to Damon, his wife Lisa and their daughter for graciously letting us into their home/gallery and teaching us how easy it is to silkscreen. NOMAD is available for amateur printmakers to make their own designs. Contact Damon at http://www.nomadlosangeles.com/.

And stay tuned for discounts on future NOMAD printmaking workshops!