On a seasonally appropriate grey Saturday in December, about 50 de LaBbers met at the KnowHow Shop in Highland Park to make holiday mobiles with real snow—that is, laser-cut chipboard snowflakes.

After getting an introduction to the space from the KnowHow team, we met Manny Torres of 2ndwnd, who led our mobile-making workshop.

Attendees gathered around the laser cutter as our man Manny supervised the cutting of hundreds of snowflakes.

Manny designed two snowflake patterns for us.

As the smell of burning chipboard filled the air, attendees got to work building their mobiles from dowels or branches they’d foraged from the forest.

Then we headed outside to spray paint our snowflakes in white or glittery silver.

Some couldn’t resist adding even more sparkle. (KnowHow, we’re very sorry that we covered your manly space with glitter.)

The finished products were stunning! We loved watching everyone carry their mobiles like marionettes, with graphic snowflakes dancing through space.

We hope the mobiles added a little DIY cheer to your homes during the holiday season.

Or at the very least they served as entertainment for the whole family! Thanks to KnowHow and 2ndwnd for hosting us and thanks to everyone who attended. You can see lots more images on our Facebook page.