Los Angeles has a big citywide election coming up on March 7, 2017. As a nonprofit, de LaB is prohibited from endorsing candidates, but we are allowed to weigh in on particular measures. In our nearly 10 years of hosting events, we’ve never chimed in about a ballot measure before. But as citizens who want to ensure that LA becomes an even more creative, sustainable, and inclusive place, we urge you to vote No on Measure S.

Measure S—also known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative—would send LA backwards. By preventing the changes we need to make our city more vibrant, accessible, and affordable, Measure S sends the message that Angelenos should fear new ideas, fear progress, and fear the future. Measure S goes against the work that so many of you are doing to connect Angelenos to their city and to each other—the very reason we started de LaB nearly 10 years ago.

To counter this campaign of fear with one of hope for what Los Angeles can (and will!) become, we have been seeking your poster designs to defeat Measure S. We’re excited to announce that the posters will be displayed in a pop-up exhibition at the A+D Museum at its new home in the Arts District.

The posters are on display through Wednesday, March 8 at the A+D Museum where you can also pick up posters and lawn signs to take home.

This project is co-organized by LAplus, a project of Community Partners, and design east of La Brea.

Thanks to the A+D MuseumLocal Construct and Bonnie Hulkower.

Food, drinks, live screenprinting!

Join us on Tuesday, February 28 to pick up free posters and buy lawn signs, and find out how you can get involved.

See photos from the opening!

Neighborhood-minded cuisine by Pico House and pro-density ice cream sandwiches by Coolhaus will be available for purchase.

Live screenprinting by Hit + Run! Bring a shirt or buy one from us on-site.

Lawn signs will be available for purchase but if you want to make your own lawn sign, you can download and print the beautiful image above designed by Colleen Corcoran.

We’ll have ways to pay with cards but bring cash if you can!

Plus! You’ll also be inspired by the other show at the museum, cityLAb Times 10, which explores a decade of design and research by UCLA’s cityLAb and its visionary ideas for Los Angeles housing, transportation, and public space.

And at 7pm we’ll be playing the live broadcast of KCRW’s Measure S debate hosted by Madeleine Brand.

See who’s coming and invite people on Facebook.

Read our reasons for voting No on S.

Volunteer or get involved with the official No on Measure S campaign.

View and share the posters!

Click on any image to see it full-size, download or drag it to your desktop, and share across social media! We’ll provide printable PDFs as well once we’ve got the images finalized. Here are all the images in a Facebook gallery as well.

Ray Dang



Carla Blackmar Rice

Tiffany Huang

Tiffanie Tran

Alex Pudlin and Jen Murse
@igotcharts and @jenmurse

Claudia Carol, Brian Glodney, Jordan Kessler and Dylan Jones/LA Forward

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Armando Martinez-Celis and Brooke Irish/Father Madre
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Margaret Andersen

Luke Klipp

LA Más


Keith Scharwath and Alissa Walker
@scharwath and @awalkerinla

Haruna Madono

Emily Morishita

Freyja Bardell/Greenmeme

Alex Ogle

Damian Robledo

Alex Brown

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Jose Bonilla Jr.

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