Given all of the exciting developments happening along the LA river, de LaB is thrilled to announce that we’ll be partnering with the LA River Public Art Project to kick off their TEN FEET: Art Meets the River project. Founded by four local architects and designers, Elaine Rene-Weissman, Esther Margulies, Molly Renda and Tom Marble, the LA River Public Art Project was created to foster an inclusive arts and cultural infrastructure presence on the river. The group’s intention is to develop a ribbon of site-specific art installations and events as more public space is created and restored habitats begin to thrive.

In response to the city’s guidelines for a 10-foot setback on all new river development, the LA River Public Art Project is hosting TEN FEET, a one-day event pairing seven river sites with practicing artists, who will present a range of two and three dimensional work, including a music piece and pollinator garden. Participating artists include Ripley Whiteside, Eric Huebsch, Diana Markessinis, Martha Benedict, Earth Activation Group and LA River Choir, and Tim Durfee.

To kick off the day, de LaB will host a conversation at Spoke Bicycle Cafe with the founders of the LA River Public Art Project, along with participating artist Diana Markessinis. Afterword, attendees are invited to wander the river and enjoy the installations on their own. The installations will be up until 5:00 pm.

To learn more about TEN FEET or to make a donation, click here.

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This is the third event in our series Making LA: Connect, Flourish, Thrive, Prosper. Following up on our 2014 Making LA conference, these events will look at issues in the areas of TransportationWaterDensity and Community with the goal of bringing designer- and artist-driven solutions to those issues to life. In this way, we hope to turn the original Making LA conference into a long-term call-to-action and turn in-person inspiration into four real-world solutions for the city. Making LA is made possible by support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Want to sponsor an upcoming event? Learn more.