Have you ever dreamed of working in a creative environment with other creatives in one of Los Angeles’s coolest neighborhoods? Then you definitely want to head to the Arts District with us later this month for a special, behind the scenes tour of The Unique Space.

The brand spankin’ new creative workspace offers private offices, as well as co-work spaces, thanks to the vision of founder Sonja Rasula who believes the best way to boost entrepreneurship is through community, collaboration and design.

On our tour, we’ll hear from Sonja and The Unique Space Director of Operations, Christopher Heynen, about their journey of turning an incredible dream into a reality. We’ll also get to peek inside some of the creative spaces of the companies that now call The Unique Space home, such as Ashkahn, DesignlovefestOur Labor of LoveThe Yellow Loft and Unique USA, among others, and even hear from a few of them.

Afterward, we’ll head around the corner to Villians Tavern for a well deserved night cap.

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