At the end of April, our group gathered amidst the hanging flora of artist Karolina Maszkiewicz at Ochi Projects for a walking tour fundraiser. The installation, comprised of large flower arrangements that eventually dry and wilt, provided the backdrop to a day exploring West Adams’ burgeoning art scene. While Karolina explained how her work examines our relationship to nature, Pauli Ochi told us about opening her gallery on a block now crowded with new exhibition spaces. We then walked halfway down the block for a quick stop into Martos Gallery to view Jocko Weyland’s show of paintings of sky resorts, Incline Village. 


A short drive or bike ride south to Jefferson Blvd brought us to the next series of stops, beginning at Claudia Parducci’s studio, where we enjoyed an intimate discussion of Claudia’s work with morse code, hanging rope sculptures, and charcoal drawings. Her dark subject matter (terrorism, destruction, man’s brutalism) stand in stark contrast to the engaged and cheerful artist offering tea sandwiches we met.


Our next stop, JOAN, adds to LA’s arts non-profit community (daps to another female-run arts org, ladies!)  with a gallery space that features emerging and previously underappreciated artists. Founder Summer Guthery gave us a tour of  Aura Rosenberg’s Head Shots, flipping the male gaze on its, uh, head, to show men seemingly caught at the moment of orgasm.


Further west on Jefferson, we crammed into artist Brian Wills’ multiroom studio to see his multimedia works of wrapped colored thread. The results are part painting, part sculpture, and stunning. The labor intensive nature of his work becomes clear when seeing the process, and how long it takes to create just a few inches of his perfectly patterned, starkly geometric sculptures.

IMG_7516Our last stop brought us (slightly) west of La Brea to new(ish) gallery the Landing. Like Joan, the Landing also focuses on under-appreciated historical artists as well as contemporary ones. Open at this location since November 2015, the 2800-square foot space was showing a solo show by Lukas Geronimas, who was exhibiting new work since moving to LA last year.


All proceeds from this event benefit our Making LA 2016-2017 programming.