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I LOVE CREATIVES is a free weekly email of listings serving artists, creative communities, and beyond. Whether you’re searching for a photographer, in need of a rad studio-mate, or are looking to promote a creative workshop, you can find it or list it here. Think of it like craigslist for creatives, but delivered to you… Read more »

Our Vision

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We firmly believe that the east side of Los Angeles is home to the most exciting creative community in the world. We bring exposure to its artists, designers and architects—both legendary and emerging—through events, workshops and public engagement projects that focus on building a better LA. Together we explore the changing urban environment, discover new… Read more »

About Us

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design east of La Brea (you can call us de LaB) is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that celebrates and supports local creatives in their efforts to enlighten, improve and engage the city. Through events that are educational, inspirational, and interactive, de LaB unites an enthusiastic community of local residents who are invested in the future… Read more »

Krista Bio

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As the managing director of the (LARC), Krista works to encourage greater coordination and cooperation to address climate change and promote a green economy through sustainable communities. Previously, Krista worked in the City of Los Angeles’s Housing Department, where she managed a $4.6 million grant from the Department of Energy to perform energy efficiency retrofits… Read more »

Barbara Bio

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Barbara is the principal of , a Los Angeles-based modern architecture firm founded in 1995. The office produces a varied body of design work that operates in the borderlands of popular culture, art and architecture. In recent years Barbara has created environments, installations, houses, graphics and commercial spaces for many clients, as well as a… Read more »

Frances Bio

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Frances is the host of aired monthly on 89.9 KCRW and podcast weekly at KCRW.com/dna. She is also a former producer of KCRW’s national and local current affairs shows, To The Point, and Which Way, LA?, both hosted by Warren Olney. In addition, she is a frequent public speaker on architecture and design. Prior to… Read more »

Erin Bio

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Erin is the founder of , a boutique PR firm specializing in strategy, communications, and social engagement for the design industry. As the former deputy director of AIA San Francisco, she launched numerous community and cultural engagement initiatives, including the popular , the nation’s first month-long design festival—until deciding to jump ship for Los Angeles’… Read more »

Marissa Bio

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Marissa is Director of Huge Ideas at , where she oversees the digital agency’s industry thought leadership. Marissa became interested in Los Angeles’ architecture as she was completing her master’s thesis for The London School of Economics and USC. Thus began a love affair with LA’s buildings, sushi and sun. In her spare time, Marissa… Read more »

Haily Bio

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A creative at heart, Haily Zaki satisfies her love for modern design by promoting great companies doing interesting things. She launched in 2008 with the specific mission of infiltrating the media in the name of good design. She is also a co-founder of the and an erstwhile contributor to Inhabitat and The Architect’s Newspaper. In her… Read more »